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Richard Belzer
This is me with fellow Comic and Friar and now Law and Order SVU star (or "serious actor" as he jokingly says) Richard Belzer... aka "The Belz." Here we are after the Friars Club Roast of Donald Trump, where he was a roaster. Only a couple years later I had the privilege of being a roaster on the Friars Club Roast of comedy legend Jerry Lewis where Belzer was the Roast Master. As part of my introduction he ripped on me pretty good... telling the audience that I was probably going to suck, so that now would probably be a great time to go use the bathroom. When I got up... I did hit back, with a couple of lines concluding with this one... (referencing the fact he actually has only one testicle)... "I'm just kidding... "Richard knows I'm only busting his ball"! ;-)