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Tony Randall
Well, we certainly make an “Odd Couple.” But ironically we have the same taste in women. Yes, at the time this photo was taken he was 80 yeaers old and married to a beautiful woman who was MY age, 5 decades his junior, and they had two children… Go Tony.
This is the two of us at a black tie benefit for the National Actors Theater, an organization of which he was the director and founder. The event was a formal banquet held at the Plaza Hotel in New York City where Kathie Lee Gifford and I were the evening’s entertainment. I was so honored to be a part of his event, and recieve the generous compliments he gave me in genuine appreciation for my participation and performance.
I was even more honored when 6 months later we ran into one another at Sardi's, the famous Broadway resturaunt, where he and his wife recognized me and came over to say hello to me and my family, and once again compliment me on my work.
Sadly Tony has passed on since then, but his acting and philanthopic legacys, along with my brief yet fond memories of my encounters with him, will live on forever.