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Performing with Lost Luggage
Yes, this is me performing on stage wearing a Hula outfit. No I am not experimenting with cross dressing but have a better story.

I was hired to perform on a cruise in the South Pacific, traveling between Tahiti and Hawaii. I was to pick up the cruise in mid journey in Bora Bora. However, shortly after I arrived there I soon discovered that my luggage did not. Since we were to be at sea for the following 5 days I was totally screwed, no clothes, no toiletries etc. So before sailing from Bora Bora the cruise line told me to go and buy some necessities. Problem is, for most of you who’ve probably not been to Bora Bora before, they do not exactly have Bloomingdales there. Three Tiki huts attached together is their idea of a mall. So I figured, if I couldn’t wear my own clothes on stage then I was going all out and bought an authentic grass Tahitian hula skirt with a coconut bra, flowered leis for both my neck and head and all the accoutrements.

I’m pleased to say that yes I actually had the balls to perform my shows dressed this way, and it went over well. I even got five extra minutes of material out of the experience and explained to the audience that my get up was not bargain basement but rather top quality island wear by famous Polynesian designer Georgio "Arman-a-hani."