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Sylvester Stallone
This is me with movie star Sylvester Stallone... and boy do I need a tan. (Actually the photo scanned in a little off color, because while I know I may be a white boy, if I was actually that white I'd be dead.)

Seriously though, this is the two of us at a Friars Club tribute dinner held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NY in honor of John Travolta and Kelly Preston. Because I was assigned to the organizing committee, I was responsible for rounding up the dais of celebrities who also included everyone from Anthony Hopkins, Larry King, Eric Roberts, Ray Romano and many other notable names.

But this was actually the second time that year I had met Stallone. The first time I met him was about ten months earlier on the set of a movie I got to work on called “Cop Land” where my first day at work, I sat across a desk from him but was afraid to say anything because I thought I’d get in trouble.

This time, however, in this more social environment, the rules were different, and here I was able to chat casually with Sly without any worry of getting in trouble. We talked a bit about the movie which was due to come out two months later, and he also discussed with me some of the trials and tribulations of putting on and taking off the extra 40lbs he gained just for the role. He was totally cool, and I almost forgot I was talking with one of the most famous movie stars in the world, because he seemed like the kind of guy you could go grab a beer with.