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Jerry Seinfeld
"Whaaat is the deeeal with this?"
This is me and Jerry a few years after the first time we met (see other picture). We were at the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach CA, near LA. Here we are enjoying a couple of cigars, celebrating his show. He was there performing his brand new act which he was seen developing throughout the documentary "Comedian"... no classic material. To come support him were, our manager George Shapiro, who brought me along, comics Gary Shandling, Kevin Nealon who also perforemd on the show and Jay Leno who popoped in as a surprise guest. At one point the 5 of us were hanging out together in the green room talking, shooting the breeze. It was one of the greatest nights to be a comic, like comedy school.... sitting with these modern legends of comedy, all with great stories to tell, successful shows under their belts and booko bucks in the bank, just sitting around talking shop like regular comics NO different than the way me and my contemporaries do after a set, was a real treat. The only part of the conversation I couldn't relate to was when Jerry and Jay were talking about how complicated the US Customs procedures are when importing exotic cars in from other countires. I haven't had the problem yet... hopefully I will get to someday.