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Jamie Foxx
This is me and Jamie Foxx after playing a game of checkers on his shirt.

No, actually, this is the two of us after the taping of a television show pilot we did together for Warner Brothers. The working title of the show was called “These Nuts.” It was a sketch variety show much like “In Living Color,” and I was cast as the token white boy... just like another formerly unknown comic named Jim Carey once was when he was cast in “In Living Color.” Also in the cast of our show were Tyra Banks (damn… don’t have a picture with her) and an incredibly talented group of comedic actors. Unfortunately the show never did air, but the experience was great and one I won’t soon forget.

I never could have dreamed that just a few short years after doing goofy characters in silly sketches together that my boy would actually be taking home an "Oscar" for BEST Actor in a motion picture. WOW! way to go Jamie. We're so proud, and I'm honored that I now can brag I have acted with an Academy Award Winner.