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Joy Behar
This is me with long time fellow Friar and now fellow Board of Governors member, not-to-mention fellow Comic and of course illustrious View Co-Host Joy Behar. Here we are on the dais of the Jerry Lewis Roast. I remember that she and I had done a gig together at a Country club in Westchester back in the summer of 1997, just a couple of weeks after "The View" made it's network debut. Because it airs at 11am, and I'm a comic who enjoys sleeping late when I can... "The View" is like my "Today Show," and I frequently watch it and had been when it started. So Joy was concernedly asking my opinion about it saying... "What do you think... do you like the new show... is it good... do you think it will last?" My answer to her was "Yes, it's fresh, unique, contemporary, well rounded, and most of all it has the Queen of all media herself... Barbara Walters... and ya can't do any better than that." Well, looks like I was right becuase all these years later the View is still going strong and still with it's original co-host Joy Behar. ;-)