Steven Scott Photo Bar

This is me with my father, Marvin Scott, veteran TV newsman on WPIX in NY. Here we are at the Friars Club Roast for Chevy Chase on Comedy Central where we both sat as dais guests. We were told it was the first time a father and son had done so.

I briefly talk about my father in my act saying how it’s interesting being the son of a newscaster. Especially if I was ever so bad that my Mother would have to go ahead and call him up at work, because he was already in that newscaster frame of mind so when he’d pick up the phone and yell at me, I always felt like I was a breaking story. He’d pick up the phone and say, “This is your father speaking, your Mother just told me what you did, well I’ll tell you something mister, you’re in a lot of trouble and you’re going to get it when I get home…
Tonight… At 11.”