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Seann William Scott
This is me and actor Seann William Scott... my long lost cousin... well, OK not really. We might not be related... but we could've been, the way we were hanging out back stage at Carolines after a show. He was working on a film with Jeff Garlin who was also on the show, so he popped in to check it out. I didn't know he was there until I was on stage... and he was just sitting in the front row (unusual... that celebs are in the front row), but there he was just smiling up at me. Meanwhile I'm in the middle of my act thinking... "that dude looks like Stiffler." And sure enough it was. But honestly... what a great guy. Eventhough he plays goofy characters and is a young movie star who ya might think would be all too cool for school Mr. Hollywood and all... Not at all. Ya wouldn't think it... but he was the most un-affected, humble, down to earth guy..., to the point you would think the rest of us were the movie stars... as he was actually making more fuss over me and the other comics. Turns out, not only is he a big comedy fan... but he was making a movie at the time where he had to play a stand up comedian... so he was extra appreciative of what we do. And for that we were extra appreciative of him.