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Robin Williams
WOW! It's not everyday you get to meet one of your comedy idols.

This is me and the one and only Robin Williams back stage at Carolines where he popped in for a surprise visit. He and "RV" costar Cheryl Hines came to visit her "Curb your Enthusiasm" co-star Jeff Garlin when we were performing together at the Club.

We got to meet each other briefly, then Robin went into the showroom supposedly incognito to watch Jeff's performance, but when a couple of drunken hecklers couldn't keep their mouths shut, neither could Robin who lovingly joined in which promted Jeff to say "OK, I wasn't going to say anything about you being here, but now that your speaking up... Ladies and gentlemen, Robin Williams." The place went NUTS, and Robin proceeded to get on stage and do 25 minutes. It was great to watch. Then when he finished Jeff said, "So, how do you like my new closing bit?"

After the show, Robin didn't leave but rather hung out with Me, Jeff and a couple of other comedians in the greenroom for about a good half an hour or so while we just shot the breeze and told fun showbiz stories. It was a great night to be a comic and a memory I won't soon forget.